How Does Celtx’s Remote-First Approach and Data-Driven Strategy Enhance Customer Success?

Ashley Stamps-Lafont

VP of Customer Success



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In a recent podcast episode hosted by Adil Saleh and Taylor Kenerson, Ashley Stamps, the VP of customer success at Celtx, delved deep into the intricacies of managing a remote-first customer success team and the importance of data-driven strategies. As the world pivots to remote work, understanding the nuances of maintaining team cohesion and ensuring customer satisfaction becomes paramount. For GTM teams, this episode offers invaluable insights into how a leading company like Celtx navigates these challenges, ensuring that their customers remain at the heart of their operations.


Ashley Stamps highlights the significance of maintaining team connections in a remote environment, the role of data in driving customer success, and the importance of actively listening to customer interactions to derive actionable insights.

About Celtx

Celtx, a company known for its remote-friendly approach, has further embraced a remote-first strategy in the wake of COVID-19. With a mission centered on customer success, Celtx leverages tools like Slack to maintain team cohesion and utilizes data-driven strategies to monitor performance.

How Does Celtx Maintain Team Cohesion in a Remote-First Environment

Ashley emphasizes the importance of replicating those water cooler conversations that foster team unity in a remote environment. For GTM teams, this serves as a reminder that maintaining team connections, even in a virtual environment, is crucial for overall success. As Ashley said,

I started by saying good morning to my team on Slack… Slack is really a part of that core ecosystem and making sure we can still keep that morning coffee or water cooler conversation is the first thing that we do.

Tools like Slack, and Discord have become the virtual office space, bridging the gap between remote team members. It’s not just about work updates; it’s about building relationships, understanding team dynamics, and fostering a sense of belonging.

Why is a Data-Driven Approach Essential for Customer Success

Ashley’s daily routine revolves around data. From tracking new customer acquisitions to monitoring contractions and renewal forecasts, data provides a clear picture of performance. For GTM teams, adopting a data-driven approach can offer insights into areas of improvement and potential growth opportunities. As Ashley said,

So we attempt to be data-driven as much as possible, I want to look at how many new customers we’ve acquired, what type of contraction we’ve experienced since the previous day, if our renewal forecast has changed in any way…

In an era where customer preferences shift rapidly, having a pulse on the data allows companies like Celtx to adapt and evolve. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about understanding the story those numbers tell and acting on it.

How Does Celtx Ensure They’re Actively Listening to Their Customers

One of Ashley’s key strategies involves diving into Gong to listen to recordings of team engagements with customers. By identifying recurring keywords and understanding customer reactions, Celtx can tailor its approach to better meet customer needs. GTM teams can adopt a similar strategy, ensuring that they’re always in tune with their customer’s feedback and concerns. As Ashley said,

And there’s lots and lots of time to go into Gong. And actually listen to recordings of each of the team’s engagements with customers, where I’m trying to find if there are certain keywords that I should be paying attention to that are coming up in the conversation…

Active listening is more than just hearing words; it’s about understanding the emotions, pain points, and aspirations behind those words. By doing so, companies can anticipate needs and deliver solutions that resonate.

What is the North Star Metric for Celtx’s Customer Success Team

For Ashley and her team at Celtx, the North Star metric is clear: improve retention and customer happiness. Every activity, from daily stand-ups to one-on-ones with leads, is geared towards this goal. GTM teams can take a leaf out of Celtx’s book by identifying their own North Star metric and aligning their strategies accordingly.

My North Star metric at Celtx is to improve retention and customer happiness. So, all of those activities are geared towards that.

Customer retention has become the bedrock of sustainable growth. It’s not just about acquiring new customers; it’s about ensuring that existing customers find continuous value in your offerings. This focus on retention and happiness is living proof of Celtx’s commitment to long-term relationships over short-term gains.

Key Takeaways

  • Maintaining team connections in a remote environment is crucial for cohesion and overall success.
  • A data-driven approach provides clear insights into performance and areas of improvement.
  • Actively listening to customer interactions can offer invaluable insights into their needs and concerns.
  • Identifying and working towards a clear North Star metric can guide teams towards achieving their goals.


Ashley Stamps’ insights into the world of remote work and customer success provide a roadmap for GTM teams navigating similar challenges. By maintaining team connections, leveraging data, actively listening to customers, and working towards a clear goal, companies can ensure they’re always delivering the best for their customers. As the business landscape continues to evolve, these strategies will remain crucial for any team aiming for success.

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