How Does LMS365 Tailor Customer Success? Insights from Amie Weizer

Amie Weizer

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In a recent podcast episode hosted by Adil Saleh and Taylor Kenerson, Amie Weizer, the Head of Customer Success from LMS365, delved deep into the intricacies of customer success in the context of Learning Management Systems (LMS). As the digital landscape evolves, understanding the nuances of customer success becomes paramount for Go-To-Market (GTM) teams. Amie’s insights shed light on the importance of segmentation, change management, and the human element in ensuring customer success. This blog post aims to unpack these insights and offer actionable strategies for GTM teams looking to enhance their customer success initiatives.


Amie Weizer emphasizes the significance of understanding regional differences, setting clear expectations, and the pivotal role of change management in LMS. She also underscores the importance of the human touch in customer success and the need to prioritize meaningful metrics over sheer numbers.

About LMS365

LMS365 stands at the forefront of the Learning Management System industry, offering tailored solutions that cater to diverse regional and industry-specific needs. With a mission to transform organizational learning, LMS365 ensures that its tools are not just about compliance but about fostering a genuine learning culture. The company’s approach to customer success, as elucidated by Amie, is a testament to its commitment to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by its clients.

How does LMS365 approach customer segmentation?

Segmentation is crucial for LMS365, especially given the differences between regions like EMEA, APAC, and the Americas. While the US market might seem more standardized, the EMEA and APAC regions require a deeper understanding of the operating context of each country. This segmentation strategy is evolving, with a shift towards company size and industry-specific needs in 2023. As Amie said,

So for us having the EMEA and APAC region and the Americas region, it does run just a little bit differently… But for right now, we’ve looked a lot more at what is that industry doing, and then a little bit to geography base to the business managers.

Why is the relationship between sales and customer success vital

A tight-knit relationship between sales and customer success ensures that what’s promised to the client is delivered effectively. Setting clear expectations is paramount, as the customer success team is responsible for fulfilling the promises made during the sales process. As Amie said,

So we wanted to make sure that the relationship between sales and customer success is very tight knit as well… everything has to be set in an order that the customer can be successful because it was sold with the right expectations.

What challenges do organizations face when implementing an LMS

Implementing an LMS isn’t a one-time task. It requires continuous effort and iteration. Organizations often grapple with change management, especially when transitioning from traditional tools like Excel and PowerPoint. The “jobs to be done” framework, as mentioned by Amie, can be instrumental in understanding customer profiles and their specific needs. As Amie said,

Learning Management is definitely not the type of thing that you set to running and then it just goes on its own… And we really listen to the feedback when a client says, you know, this course was really good to get us started.

How does LMS365’s customer success team ensure effective change management

Change management is at the heart of LMS365’s customer success strategy. Recognizing that each client has unique requirements, the team is empowered to offer tailored solutions. Whether it’s guiding a client through the nuances of a new tool or helping them transition from traditional methods, the emphasis is always on the human element. As Amie said,

So we know you’re going to need some support with the change management around what it means to have a learning culture… It’s 100% empowerment of the customer success team to say, Hey, I noticed this client has a lot of requirements, or they’re going to have a difficult time adopting this part of the tool because they’ve never used it before.

What differentiates LMS365’s approach to customer success

LMS365’s approach is rooted in understanding the client’s objective. Is the organization merely looking to tick a box, or are they genuinely aiming to transform their learning culture? This distinction is vital, and LMS365’s customer success team is equipped to cater to both scenarios. As Amie said,

Understanding is the organization saying we need an LMS just to fill the requirements, or do we need an LMS to transform how we do learning at an organization. That’s what’s pretty exciting about what our product does and what our customer success team is able to do.

How does LMS365 prioritize meaningful metrics in customer success

While many organizations get bogged down by metrics, LMS365 prioritizes human connections. Amie’s past experiences taught her the pitfalls of being overly metrics-driven. At LMS365, the emphasis is on “measuring what matters.” It’s about understanding that clients are humans first and need to be treated as such. As Amie said

Because in my past roles, we were so metrics driven to a fault… So we built that into our segmentation. And I would encourage anybody getting started in this business to really think about measuring what matters and not just building out metrics to have metrics but really understanding that people are humans and they want to be talked to like that too.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand regional differences for effective customer segmentation.
  • Foster a strong relationship between sales and customer success.
  • Embrace change management as a continuous journey.
  • Prioritize the human element in customer success.
  • Measure what truly matters, focusing on genuine human connections.


Amie Weizer’s insights offer a fresh perspective on customer success in the context of Learning Management Systems. For GTM teams, the key lies in understanding regional nuances, fostering genuine human connections, and embracing change management as an ongoing journey. LMS365’s approach, which prioritizes meaningful metrics and the human touch, serves as a blueprint for organizations aiming to elevate their customer success initiatives.

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