From Sales Star to Startup Success: How Carlo Candela Founded Sameplan

Carlo Candela




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Introduction: The Inspiring Journey of Carlo Candela

In the dynamic world of tech startups, the story of Carlo Candela stands out as a testament to perseverance, customer-centric thinking, and the power of collaboration. As the co-founder and CEO of Sameplan, a platform designed to streamline the sales process, Carlo’s journey is a masterclass in identifying market gaps and creating solutions that resonate with users.

The Genesis of Sameplan: A Solution Born from Experience

Sameplan, a platform acquired by Outreach, was born out of Carlo’s firsthand experience in sales. The platform is designed to facilitate a more efficient, collaborative, and transparent experience for both sellers and buyers. It’s a solution that emerged from Carlo’s time at Heap, a company that operates in the enterprise segment. There, he noticed a significant gap in the market – a lack of efficient tools that could manage meaningful deals in a transparent and collaborative manner.

The Path to Entrepreneurship: Learning from Setbacks



Carlo’s journey to entrepreneurship wasn’t a straight path. His first venture was an Airbnb-like platform for camping, which, despite its innovative concept, didn’t take off as expected. However, this initial setback didn’t deter him. Instead, it fueled his determination to understand the intricacies of running a successful startup. He joined Heap, where he started as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), making 50 calls a day, and went on to learn the ropes of managing a sales process and engaging with customers.

Building Sameplan: A Customer-Centric Approach to Product Development

The inception of Sameplan was a direct response to the challenges Carlo faced in his sales role. He and his co-founder, Brent, saw an opportunity to create a platform that would make the sales experience more efficient. They envisioned a tool that would not only capture valuable information but also involve the customer in the process, something that was missing in existing solutions like Salesforce.

Building the founding team for Sameplan was a significant challenge. Carlo was fortunate to have a brilliant software engineer as a friend who eventually became his co-founder. They started lean, using contract workers for design and additional engineering resources. The product began as a simple checklist, evolving over time based on customer feedback.

Before writing a single line of code for Sameplan, Carlo and his team spoke to 60-70 sales reps to understand their needs and the problems they faced. This customer feedback was instrumental in shaping the product and prioritizing its features. It was a strategy rooted in the belief that understanding the customer’s problem is the first step towards creating a viable solution.

The Y Combinator Experience: A Game-Changer for Sameplan

Sameplan’s journey to success was further bolstered by their acceptance into Y Combinator on their third application. The experience with Y Combinator was transformative for Sameplan, providing them with credibility, education, and a fast track to growth. It was a turning point that changed the game for them, outlining potential pitfalls and pushing them to redefine their growth standards.

Conclusion: Lessons for GTM Teams from Carlo’s Journey

Carlo’s journey is a reminder for Go-to-Market (GTM) teams that success often lies in understanding the customer’s problem and creating a solution that addresses it effectively. It’s about perseverance, learning from setbacks, and maintaining a relentless focus on the customer. As GTM teams navigate their own paths, Carlo’s story serves as an inspiration and a guide, demonstrating that with the right approach, even the most complex challenges can be overcome.

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