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Adil Saleh


With a decade of experience in the customer relationship space since 2010, Adil Saleh has made a significant impact in the field, working with seven successful businesses in various customer-facing roles. Adil has been instrumental in helping teams achieve scalability by diligently taking customer feedback, enhancing the overall customer experience, and employing data-driven strategies to ensure success. Having personally interacted with thousands of customers, Adil is a firm believer in the power of human connection and building deeper relationships with customers. Adil is well-known for taking the time to engage in meaningful conversations, always willing to listen to customers and address their needs.

Taylor Kenerson


A former high school and collegiate athlete who has been shaped by this journey. Her experiences influence the way she approaches the world and lives her life. Taylor has grown through athletics, attending a world-renowned university, corporate experiences, building start-ups, optimizing brands and people, and working hands-on at various phases of the construction industry since her teenage years. Currently, Taylor is involved in building brands, developing SaaS products, and curating wellness experiences. Taylor has always had a passion for learning and is in an eager pursuit to uncover, connect, and share nuggets along the way.

Saad Ali

CTO & Co-founder

Shaped by a lifelong love for technology and coding, Saad Ali has grown into a dedicated CTO and SaaS founder through his 5-year journey in the industry. His experiences have influenced his unwavering vision to empower companies and create meaningful impact in the SaaS world. Saad has honed his craft through building and scaling high-performance SaaS teams, and is currently focused on developing a solution to help GTM teams dismantle data barriers and proactively create outstanding customer experiences powered by product usage behaviours.